Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Resolution !

One of these days on vacation I was feeling bored - result , was surfing through to download those car chases that we so often see on AxN or StarWorld in the name of "World's craziest cop videos". It took a while for me to figure out what all this "downloading from a mirror" and stuff meant. Meanwhile the site had asked me to wait for 2 minutes before the download could begin ( I figured that I had figured out what to do, finally! )

Oh God, don't those two minutes seem the worst you can have ? The longest , and most boring two minutes in which you cannot move your eyes off the screen and cannot even think of anything even if you wanted to ?

Not exactly. I decided otherwise. This time I was going to beat my "don't-think-of-anything-just idle-around" tendency. Drifting my eyes to the surroundings , I suddenly realised there could easily be a five hundred odd things to think about. Well, taking that as a legitimate number, it works out to 2/500 = .004 seconds per thought. Impractical. That meant I had to end thinking about something even before I could think of it.. That's crazy to say the least. Even if I had started thinking of say, Katrina Kaif , I would need a day or two instead of a second or two to get back to sanity ... Not joking but that's true of any desi guy I'd say - atleast over the last year. Why would she be the most Googled celebrity if it weren't otherwise.

The Vista sent a beep and my download had begun - successfully ending another unsuccessful resolution of mine. Only this time it was'nt for the New Year , and lasted as much as Monty Panesar on the field.

P.S. The picture that's carried in this blog entry, I feel- is the picture of the year. It is solely intended to poke fun at the Australians , and hardly took around 0.01 seconds to emerge out of nowhere as my favourite. Not bad , I'd say - 2 minutes is a lot of time if you're making fun of someone. :-)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Captured, on film!

For good or for bad, more or less everyone of us has a cellphone in hand today. Most of the middle class(like me) , and upper middle class can afford one with a camera in it., in some cases even with a high resolution that one may not even come across in a conventional camera by itself!

So much for a mandatory introductory paragraph to every writeup. I am bugged of it, but as all wannabe-decent writeups need to consist of, I need to keep that in there to atleast give you an inkling of what may be coming by , in case I sound little "out-of-the-box". Frankly I'm just writing something till I get an idea to develop on, so never mind.

Of late, there have been a lot of things I have come across, worth photographing (I know some intelligent brains would think I'm referring to the female fraternity, OK people- they're included too! Agreed, for once :) ) There have been instances which have made it worth being captured on Memory(Its not Film, even figuratively, anymore :( So much for technology! But let's keep it as film, though.)

Recently, one of my friends passed on a picture taken in our childhood, with all the fade and conventional oldness of the paper-print set in perfectly. It brought back memories of all the fun we had playing cricket in spaces hardly a hundred square foot in size... losing tennis balls by the dozen, the trip to the local circus.. fighting over melting ice-pepsi's ( as they called it locally- those thin sticks of color-flavored sweet ice ) roaming the streets in 40 Degrees C heat , and probably a thousand thoughts more which could fill up all the print quota I have for my semester.

The thing was, the photo had captured all of us- by each other, posing for the Kodak moment. The beauty behind the thing was that, probably all the little incidents I had thought of when I saw the photo first up- had never been recorded anywhere- but in my mind.

The best moments of our life, I realise, may have never been captured on film.