Thursday, March 17, 2011

On Cricinfo, again!

One of these days I was idling through some of the Cricinfo player profiles, and chanced upon Michael Atherton's page. Puzzled me how the guy hit just four sixes in almost an 8000 run Test career. However averse he would have been to six-hitting, could'nt he have gotten himself a top edge or a small ground to play in- here or there? I remember him playing in West Indies where he faced the likes of Walsh and Ambrose- but thought it would be a good idea to "Ask Steven" this out. So I asked, and turned up on Cricinfo yet again.

So much for boasting about myself, but atleast I did something to boast of - probably a good result on the front page when one surfs for my name. So here goes the link:

Hope everyone's enjoying watching the World Cup - Go India! (and England, for the superb cricket they play. And South Africa, for they deserve a cup this time atleast.)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quksace agjke

Guys and girls,

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