Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A song I've been hooked to, today

Noor-un-ala from Meenaxi it is! Wonderful Sufi composition from A.R.R. Let me not hold you longer- go ahead and listen/watch it.

Noor un ala - Meenaxi - A.R.R

Friday, November 12, 2010

Skymall - half the world's pat(i)ented stuff is here

UPDATE: Check out these links for other(better actually) funny Skymall experiences:
7 useless Skymall pool gadgets
7 most useless Skymall Products

If you have flown the domestic routes in the US, you would know what I am talking about. Otherwise, here's a quick look, http://www.skymall.com/ . Make sure you come back and read what I have to say. A beaten-to-death, pointless, if-you-have-nothing-else-to-read reduce-your-savings-to-minuses magazine which sits on the back of the seat in front - that's Skymall for you. Ever looked through the products it advertises? For people who've not had the chance to see this wonderful, eclectic display of the best of the best of the most useless patents in the world, here's a small sample.

Automatic sleep sound generator (phew,so does this snore?)
Stainless steel purse (pain in the arse, literally)
Pet residence bed wid bone pillow (okay...)
Double sided toothbrush which reduces brush time by 66pc. (Industrial Engineer stuff??;))
Low voltage electric blanket (Seems Vijaykanth uses the high voltage variety)
Video recording sunglasses (no nasty ideas, people)
Mens towel with a pocket (I desperately need my purse when I leave the shower... immediately!)
The million germ sanitizing travel toothbrush sanitizer (So other brands sanitize only 423967 of them?)
The precise portion pet feeder (my pet's going to die if it eats 0.01g more)
The warming cat bed (what am I warming the house for then?)
The digital swim camera mask (what is your target market,btw?)
Remote controlled tarantula (why would I get one for a 100 bucks when I can buy a real one for less?)
The headache relieving wrap (retro-Home Shopping Network)
The 40inch foldable foto studio (ingenious,buddy)
The voice activated r2d2 .. (this was a beauty)
The water squirting remote controlled car (again, target market?)
Shrub guards (these actually cover all the shrubs, and looks like a shrub itself.. who'd buy this is a question)
Pet crib which acts like a teapoy (wouldn't want my tea spilt if the pet shakes it)
An instant bedroom fire escape ladder (also useful for the occasional cheating on the wife/husband)
Cat potty trainer (seriously guys?)
Some more...
Movable restroom for pets..
Feng shui handheld suggestion compass..
Foldable slippers (Hilarious to look at! If ever you get a chance, check this out)
Feel free to add on to this list. Lets celebrate the freedom of useless patenting.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rockarolla into the Windee City!

Had a great flight from Cleveland to Chicago enroute to good ol' Cal! The flight attendant, Linda kept us in splits all the time though the duration hardly kissed an hour. The most entertaining crew member i've come across, hands down!
Some quips :
-If the plane lands in water, please pull out your lifejacket underneath your seats, if that doesn't work, pull the cushion and hold onto it. If that doesn't work, thanks for flying southwest airlines.
-Ladies and gentlemen we've landed in Chicago. I now tell you what my parents told me when I turned 18. Take your beep beep bags and get out.
-I hope you enjoyed flying southwest. We loved taking you for a ride too.
-Every year southwest nominates the best of the 1800 odd bla bla bla crew which flies between Cleveland and Chicago for the blehehehe award. We have successfully managed to avoid getting that for decades now. So if you need something go ask the pilot... we wouldn't care anyways.
-Please don't hesitate to get up and use the restroom for the interim 2 mins between takeoff and landing. Also I request you do us a favor and clean the lavatories if you ever use them aboard this flight.
-Southwest appreciates your business of making us richer by how much you're poorer flying us ;)

I was sitting at the very end of the aircraft but the flight attendant had us in splits all along. One of the best flights I've flown on- also one of the shortest. Short is sweet, I say.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Birth and death of Social Networks, w.r.t. Poor.Indian.Grad.Stud

Much has been made about Orkut's waning star and Facebook's meteoric rise. How would it look like in the perspective of a desi-phoren-studying Grad's life? Circa Fall 2008(US Version). May apply to certain previous/after batches or other countries too.*

*Does not include twitter

%^& Maybe some references/styles borrowed from krishashok's blog. The idea of a graph..well that has been done too. I don't claim any originality for this except for the drawing and concept part ;)