Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Of Regrets and Confessions..

After a long hiatus, I am back to doing what I do -albeit slightly better, than watching sports or music channels - Writing. There were a variety of reasons that caused this long gap in between the blogs, the primary cause being a lack of motivation arising from the roots of a constantly troubled and confused mind.
There have been situations aplenty in my life where I have been confused, lost, and probably motiveless- but the soup that I find myself in, had the dubious distinction of having created wholly by me alone. It is another story that I am repenting for what I did, and even for what went out of control- probably for a lot lot more too, as and when I am writing this blog. Now that becomes double trouble, repenting for what you did- and the entangle that you lie in after seeing the mess that you have created.

Most persons that I have met and spoken to, suggested me to clear the mess out myself by probably forgetting that it ever existed, or by even concentrating on things that I would be good at, or even ridiculous ideas such as seeing comedy shows aired on the telly. But I soon realised being forgetful or diverting your concentration on other things is not quite enough. Some things are just too much to forget,or even brush aside, aren't they?

The only thing, which I thought would be perfect, is to confess to God, as most of the Christian community does(I say there is nothing better than confessing your sins- this is one of the most impressive ideals of a religion other than Hinduism, that I adore). Do the best you can, and God- they say, takes care of the rest. It is never too late for anything.

"Look back at your past, and you almost always wonder that you could have done things differently" -

This very expressive excerpt, is from a stage drama enacted out by Mr.Y.G.Mahendra. Albeit being from a "comical-relief" sort of a play, it had a touch of truth to it. I had just about then realised its relevance to my life. Second chances do not exist in this age the world finds itself in- so almost all the while,latching onto the first becomes a prerequisite. Unfortunately, you or I cannot change the past- it is only fitting that we let our confessions of the past salvage some peace for us in the present - and enter the future with hope,belief, and the enthusiasm of attaining back what we lost.

May God bless one and all, and may he be kind to those who are in need of kindness.
A special Thank You! to all those who kept poking at me to write something at least. I would'nt disappoint you junta now on :)


trss said...

nice topic. good thoughts. after all what is man if he cannot learn from his own and others' mistakes. this is the key to success in terms of whatever you measure it with like happiness.

good luck.

Ruud said...

Thoughtful da...hope it made u feel somewhat better..forgive n forget others mistakes n learn from yours :)