Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hey, Goodbye.. Old Friend!

Hey, Goodbye.. Old Friend! 

The human mind, depending on who you are is either an eclectic artifact of paradise or a devil's workshop. Back when I was forced to study biology classes to pass secondary school, one of the toughest things to master was the structure of a neuron. I think that turned out to be a euphemism of how complicated the brain is. We often hear about people having a conflict between the heart and mind on making a decision - when it really is a decision between a couple of hundreds of neurons in your head! 

As I write this piece on a three hour flight back to Texas from the west coast, there is nothing but darkness around me with a couple of reading lights flickering across the aisle. No internet, no headphones, nothing to listen to but the propellers thrumming along at 37000 feet of altitude. My guilt of drinking soda and chewing on ice cubes fades away as I pull strands of thoughts together from a few weeks of fragmented thinking. 

I've often been told I'm forgetful, absent minded, lazy and procrastinating. It kind of manifests itself in the fact that I had to wait a couple of weeks to write this when I could've just done it right there and then. But time is a beautiful son of a bitch.. whilst the world wonders if it's a dimension that can be altered or not, it has the ability to change the nicest of things into something ugly, and vice versa. The Vatican City was originally a mass tomb, India was once the land of all riches, Nolan's Batman lived long enough to see himself become the villain.. so on and so forth. To the human mind (especially the one inclined to Artsy pursuits), time acts as a slow cooker. It cuts, grinds, polishes, and sets the rough diamond that the initial blurb is. A single line of thought becomes a beautiful poem or an epic (LOTR,anybody?) over several hours of thinking. 

A few weeks back I found myself humming a random song on my way home from work. I hadn't heard this song in almost a decade (Hey Goodbye Nanba from Aayutha Ezhuthu - a Tamil movie), not even on YouTube or iTunes. I realized that a minute into singing it, and went on to hum the entire song. A few minutes later I played the song on YouTube just to notice the lyrics had been on dot. I still have no explanation for how I'd been able to remember the lyrics with my forgetful nature. It's a beautiful song, one that was on top of my lists back in the day - but it isn't what you would call an all time classic. Maybe it's dumb luck I remembered it all, maybe I hummed it with or without context.. or maybe the human mind really is a freaking awesome piece of work. I'm thinking I should go for the latter. 

Until next time, 

Hey... Goodbye Nanba! 

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