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Here's a review I saw over the internet, which echoes my views about Sakkarakatti's audio album. ARR ROCKS!! So here goes:

With everything from the movie riding on the shoulders of a single person, AR Rahman, and considering Rahman’s track record with films where he is the lone savior, one’s blood is really pumped to listen to the music where he doesn’t have to deal with too big expectations associated with stars, directors, etc. And ‘Sakkarakatti’ brilliantly adds up to the list of low key films where Rahman works up his magic wonderfully well

1. I Miss You Da - This song starts brilliantly with the haunting ‘Emine….” chant. The female singer sings in a very erotic and sensuous tone that fits perfectly with the situation of the song. As usual, Rahman works up magic with the multi layered background instruments. Experimentation is at its very best in this song. The female singer puts in a lot of effort to give the perfect feeling to the song. A situational song, but it should be lapped up pretty soon by the listeners and should be a favorite with the radio stations

Rating: 9.5/10

2. Chinnamma (Jhalak UN Nenjil) – This song has been used from Rahman’s own film ‘Meenaxi’. It’s one of the favorites with Rahman fans which they can’t forget. The song starts off with brilliant flute which is now Rahman’s most favorite instrument. The original had Sukhwinder Singh and this Tamil version has Rahman’s latest sensational find, Benny Dayal (the Madhuraikki Pogadhadee and Nee Marlyn Manroe boy!). The lyrics fit in very well to the song (a bit unusual for re-used songs where the lyrics actually don’t gel that well). The background percussions and instruments complement the song wonderfully well. It’s a song that should be a bigger hit with the rural masses too. Has the potential to be a TV favorite if the song is picturised well. Some of the beats remind us of ‘Konjum Mainakale’ from Kandukonden Kandukonden but that’s only for a very very minor part.

Rating: 9.8/10

3. Elay Ulagam – A song with the nostalgic traces of the classic ‘Roobaroo’ from Rang De Basanti. Rahman is a king of such tracks, and its refreshingly one more additional track from him in that genre. The violin and the guitars in the background attract us even more than the singers themselves. Naresh Iyer is a star in his own right, but as usual, he gives his best to the song instead of trying to impose himself like other big singers. A foot tapping song that again should be lapped up by the youngsters in Tamil Nadu who will definitely love this song (some after a few listens, while many on first time itself)

Rating: 9.5/10

4. Naan Eppodhu – A refreshing melody from the female point of perspective. A song that is firmly rooted to Rahman’s forte of brilliant melody compositions. The percussion beats reminds us clearly of Rahman’s style. The mix of Veenai and the water sounds (mimicking that of a river) sound very refreshing and different. The singer is just brilliant in this song and the effort is just top notch. Not an instant hit with non-Rahman fans but will surely capture your heart if you keep listening to it (for Rahman fans, this should be an instant liking).

Rating: 9.4/10

5. Taxi Taxi – What a start to the song??? TERRIFIC!!! Blaaze is in full form with this song. I can’t believe it if people do not start dancing on their seats when they listen to this song. The typical youth chartbuster that should be heard all over Chennai in a few days of time. Rahman is back with the Boys feel, and Chennai is going to just love it! The song has the perfect flow to it for a peppy number and different variations have been tried here by ARR which works out wonderfully well. When it comes to the singers, ARR doesn’t compromise on quality and it can be evident in the type of singers that sing for him. At a few places, the song reminds us of “Paapu can’t dance saala” from the latest Hindi blockbuster film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa, but it’s just restricted to a few seconds of the background tune that’s used in the song. Some of the lyrics used for this song can be classified as the typical ‘Rahman lyric’ like ‘Shaba, Balle Balle’.

Rating: 9.9/10

6. Marudhaani – A typical Rahman start to the song. Reminds a bit of ‘Sahana Saaral’ from the blockbuster Shivaji. Madhushree puts in a lot more effort with her Tamil pronunciation and it clearly shows in the song. Madhushree does a great job with her singing as she is always brilliant. Rahman gives her brilliant support with the background instruments. A minor bit of disappointment is that, he doesn’t sing with her for the whole song but he does satisfy us a bit by singing a few small parts in the song which will make his hardcore fans (LIKE ME!) go berserk! But I still Miss Rahman the singer and it’s a disappointment that we don’t have a full fledged song from him in this album. But another very soothing and melodious number that should be primarily a hit with the city audiences.

Rating: 9.4/10

OVERALL VERDICT: An album that has all the typical elements of Rahman associated with it – peppy numbers, the usual Rahmaniac melody numbers, a folk type number, etc but an album that still retains its freshness because of the usual experimentation done by Rahman to make them sound different. The album should be a huge hit with the youngsters, and it can become a RAGE if the songs are picturised well by the director. Shantanu can’t hope for a better start to his acting career!

Rahman has not been concentrating too much on Tamil these days but in every album that has done in Tamil in the last few years, he has emphatically announced that ‘I AM BEST THAT YOU GUYS STILL HAVE OUT THERE’.

Overall Rating: 10/10 (BUY THE CD NOW!)

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