Tuesday, July 29, 2008


As most of the people who know me would already know- I am totally crazy about music as such- and singing in particular. Ever noticed some people keep singing their way through anything and everything ranging from bathrooming to cycling ? I'm one of those insane junta. Well, lets not scold the better half of the world by saying they're insane- now this is something very common that I have noticed. Right from a manager to a teaboy, it manifests itself in different ways. Freedom of expression they say., I say its the power of music.

The way which this singing manifests itself can be in these forms... - inadvertent singing in loops

- wantedly singing(in case bathroom doesn't have lock!!) - enjoyable singing

There may be many more manifestations that you may find- it depends on the person who sees this., I belong to the last kind of people. Singing is to be enjoyed. However bad your throat may sound, however sore it maybe, however sick you maybe, the right song when sung in the right spirit could get you that additional pat on the back that you need- to buck yourselves up.

So next time, don't keep singing "Newyork Nag....."...

Try going a step ahead(literally!!)

Newyork Nagaram Urangum Neram Thanimai Adarndhadhu.....

(I'm surely missing someone when singing this!)


rajath said...

definitely a song that recaptures everything from within!!

as said,

new york nagaram urangum neram... thanimai Adarndhadhu... :(

divyaa said...

well.. whom are u missing dude...?